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Computer Maintenance

Is your computer slow to boot up, overheating, programs crashing or maybe all the above?

These problems are often caused by a build-up of programs, files, and outdated software to the point that your computer is struggling to operate. It’s like it’s overweight and needs to shed some pounds before it can start running fast again. The good news is that the Prototech team are good at all this stuff. We know exactly what to do to optimise your computer to ensure it runs as fast as it did the day you bought it.

Computer Maintenance

Our Computer Maintenance services include


  • Install Software Updates
    We check your operating system updates and ensure you have the latest. This includes Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac.
  • Optimise Start-Up and Shutdown
    Some programs are set to open as soon as your computer is turned on. This can slow down the start-up and shutdown process considerably, so we review these with you and reconfigure things to improve speed.
  • Delete Unwanted Programs and Files
    Over time, our computers become overrun with unused programs and files we don’t need anymore and take up valuable space on our hard drive. When your hard drive is too full, it affects speed.
  • Clean Out Dust
    Dust tends to settle inside computers, which can limit airflow through your machine and affect the performance of the internal fan. If the fan in your computer is not functioning correctly, your computer could overheat, causing it to slow down, and ultimately the build-up of dust can conduct electricity and short circuit your computer.
  • Upgrade your storage drive
    Hard disk drives or HDDs have been around for a long time and although they have improved in performance they are still limited by a range of factors. Solid state drives or SSDs are based on newer technology which has many benefits including much faster read/write performance and greater reliability. We can upgrade your HDD to a SSD to greatly improve the performance of your computer.
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